Dynamics – Simply…

Dynamics are one of the most effective tools in our musical toolbox. They can focus the interest of a listener more quickly than anything -…

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Follow Through!

Have you ever played tennis, golf, or even just thrown a ball? Can you imagine the motion of your arm stopping the instant your racket…

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  • Greg is a phenomenal drum teacher and person. He is very methodical and encouraging in his approach to teaching. Incredibly, he has been able to keep my distractable seven-year old son on track and progressing at a good clip. Greg is also just a really kind, calm and patient soul. Combine these attributes with a highly-developed skill set in drumming and you have, at your hands, a truly gifted teacher.

    - G.S., parent of student
  • Greg is an excellent teacher. His knowledge, patience and enthusiasm fosters learning, creativity and fun with each lesson. Greg's professional skillset and demeanor combine to make time spent valuable and productive. Most importantly, his personality helps make each session interactive, open to questions and once again, fun. I would recommend Greg to teach drums for anyone looking to better their current skillset or learn from scratch.

    - Mark Manzo, student
  • Great instructor! Excellent, well organized teaching method. I'm seeing rapid improvement. I highly recommend Greg.

    - Ben Riefe, student

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Studio Location: 76 Moss St. San Francisco, CA
Phone: 847.902.0828

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LessonsIn Person or Via Skype

I am a patient and encouraging teacher with a broad base of knowledge to share with you. Yes, I specialize in jazz, but really that means I specialize in all styles of modern organic drumming. I have a lot of rock, R&B, and Latin experience, and those sounds are part of the current fabric of jazz. If you desire to approach your own style of music with a balance of skill and creativity, then you need to study with a jazz drummer.

I prefer motivated students with a positive attitude, but I have managed to garner improvement for even the most non-practicing of drummers! My drumming philosophy balances the necessity of mechanics with the importance of musical vision. To foster rapid progress, this general strategy includes: developing the sufficient technique and coordination to suit your playing style, improving time-keeping skills, developing creativity and improvisation, and learning by playing along with your favorite songs. We work with our imaginations, hand-written exercises, books, and recorded music. I work easily with those who want a complete drumming regimen, or can shift my attention to focus on your particular weaknesses or areas of interest. Together we determine your areas of study, and I always look for several ways to improve a single problem you may be having.

In San Francisco, I teach out of a professional music studio with two drum kits near 7th and Folsom streets. I have a second studio in which my students can book individual practice time. In addition, I love the master class educational format and have extensive experience as a clinician. For more information, check out my TEDx Talk which includes some of my musical concepts and approach. I also teach all over the world via Skype. Interested? Please send me an email directly.